Before the Spring
Between Earth & Air

Forest 2012 -

Forest evolved out of my earlier series Summertime and Oasis. The paintings of Forest rely on an internalized narrative, releasng the anchor of the sky and the focal pinion of the figure. I work with a combination of source material: combining photographs with works created in situ on TerraSkin. Working quickly with broad gestures to convey the sense of ever-shifting pattern and space in the midst of flowing water, foliage, and light that will not stand still, I focus on composition, rhythm, and the building of a relationship to colour which sheds literal interpretation in favour of intuition. The diptychs in this series are an exploration of the diptych as a means of emphasizing the inevitable disconnection of the sightline. The subject matter has renewed my commitment to an underlying abstraction, the continual reevaluation of composition for its own sake, and an attempt to discover an original expression of space.

Forest, has reconnected me with nature as a means to externalize an expression of my inner world. I find myself mapping a new self-construction as everything that grows from within the woodlands uncertain light is a matter of choice, and I cannot help but cast my own reflection, a diary without words.

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